Flyright machine

FINALLY! A solution to adding motion to multiply decoys all at once. The motion base system. Bringing your spread to life. Designed to give your decoys some action and bring in more birds! Created by Pacific Wings.

Waterfowl Decoy Machine

12 Bird FlyRight Machine Just $1179.99

Introducing the new 12 bird FlyRight machine!! This machine can now be converted into a 24 bird machine with purchase of extra arms. This is another quality rotary machine built by Mike Franklin. The difference on this machine is it has 4 arms, 3 birds per arm, instead of 3 arms on the 6 and 9 bird models. Fully painted. Now features the same motor as 24 bird model with a 25′ diameter. Start decoying adult snows up close and personal with the new 12 bird FlyRight!

24 Bird FlyRight Machine Just $1879.99

These rotary machines are built right here in the USA by Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Outfitters. This machine officially takes it to the next level in decoying! You can run 24 Feather Flyers at once! With a diameter of 26 feet and two layers of arms, this machine truly imitates a flock of birds grinding into your spread. Features a larger motor than other models with massive torque. Uses the ingenious 4-leg fold out base system for frozen and uneven ground. This model features legs that are 36″ long for stability. Give the geese something they’ve NEVER seen before. More video and pictures coming soon. Feather Flyers not included

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