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We are PASSIONATE about what we do. At Pacific Wings you are treated as family. Our core beliefs rely on making memories that are built to last... And of course dropping a few ducks

Our Guides: We Treat your Hunt as it is Our Own!

Your waterfowl hunt and experience is important to us. Our integrity lies in you coming out with us and not only being in the best position to kill ducks/geese/cranes, but to feel like you are family. When you come waterfowl hunting with us in Washington or Canada, you are apart of the Pacific Wings Crew.

Mike Franklin

Meet the visionary behind Pacific Wings, a premier waterfowl hunting outfitter operating in the stunning wilderness of Washington and Canada. As the founder, Mike Franklin brings decades of invaluable experience to the forefront, shaping Pacific Wings into a beacon of excellence in the hunting industry. With an unwavering passion for conservation and a keen eye for habitat development, Mike Franklin has meticulously crafted pristine environments that serve as havens for waterfowl in both Canadian and Washingtonian landscapes. His dedication to preserving and enhancing these habitats not only ensures unforgettable hunting experiences but also contributes to the sustainability of wildlife populations for generations to come. Through Pacific Wings, Mike Franklin invites enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the thrill of waterfowl hunting amidst some of North America's most breathtaking natural settings.

Justin Franklin

Justin Franklin, the dedicated steward of Pacific Wings' waterfowl properties. As the son of founder Mike Franklin, Justin brings decades of experience and a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors to his role in developing and maintaining the pristine habitats that define Pacific Wings' offerings. With a keen focus on habitat development, Justin's expertise ensures that every acre of land under Pacific Wings' care is optimized to support thriving waterfowl populations. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence, Justin Franklin continues his family's legacy of conservation and sustainable hunting practices, inviting enthusiasts to experience the unparalleled beauty and excitement of waterfowl hunting in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

76708 North Yakima River Drive, West Richland WA 99353

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Address: 76708 North Yakima River Drive, West Richland WA 99353

76708 N Yakima River Dr, West Richland, WA 99353, USA

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